Cherry tree garden in yamaga

We can enjoy colorful beautiful row of cherry blossom trees.

When it wants to make famous spot for its cherry blossoms, and area development and citizen's to enjoy, saplings of cherry blossoms are gathered to Yamaga from 1981, and chairperson of city company impressed by omission according to the cherry blossoms of the Osaka Mint Bureau maintains 400 meters of promenades, and it is beginning of "Cherry tree garden in yamaga" that planted cherry blossoms which we gathered on both sides.
Mainly on Prunus donarium including droop and Yae, we collect cherry blossoms of 134 kinds, 403, and 126 kinds of 262 are planted now to Wakagi years old from 25 through 3 in factory site.
As for white, red, yellow, the pink, irotoridorino flower is in full glory with "double cold scarlet cherry blossoms" which begin to bloom in the beginning of March in river until the beginning of April.
※As 100 or more kinds of cherry blossoms are put on Cherry tree garden in yamaga, time to bloom is different. There are late-blooming cherry blossoms from early-blooming cherry blossoms.

Facility information

The location 〒861-0533 783-3, Koga, Yamaga-shi, Kumamoto Yamaga city gas
TEL 0968-44-6311
Rate Free/every year late March and mid-April (open to the public)
Parking lot 20
Opening hours: 9:00-19:00 (there is not light-up)

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