Spring Yamaga trip to rotate with kimono

To antique kimono to change of clothes eteiza way.
Memory that cannot have in good old tradition and souvenir, many encounters and both hands by all means♪

If we extend a trip a little bit…
A lot of places that shine in Instagram♪

Town walk to be keenly aware of charm of history that once-in-a-lifetime chance affects heart after following steam, and having felt warmth of land. If we put on obi and step forward to one step, new scenery should be surely found.

Kashiwaya of antique kimono rental

We rent antique kimono and take a walk through cityscape

That as there is part of kimono for man, there is much use by couple, too

Trip special with antique kimono unforgettable throughout the life.

It is this kimono rental service to be popular among girls taking a trip to Yamaga.

Choose in total, and, as for the 100th place, feeling can fully enjoy feeling from a certain pattern non-every day. That the use of foreigner increases because it shines in Instagram.

Polite dressing by owner is popular, and early reservation is better in tourist season.

Kashiwaya of antique kimono rental

1469-2, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi
Opening hours:
10:00-17:30 (we extend at the time of event holding)
Business day
Perfection until the day before last needs reservations
Three hours 4,500 yen (every extension one hour + 1,000 yen)

Old burial mound cafe

Cafe which is unbearable for old burial mound enthusiast

The outside is crunchy plumply, and the inside is totally like ice. "Old burial mound bun" specialty in color of trip by all means.

Specialty bread that faint flavor provokes travel emotions.

According to the name, there are milk custard of "cave type" in imitation of old burial mound and soybean milk cream anno two kinds of "the four corners prominence type", and please grill thing which rapidly froze roast ritsu teo again with oven.

In one and one which is popular among souvenirs which are limited in number the stocking on the telephone confirmation.

Old burial mound cafe

702, Munakatadori, Yamaga-shi yamaga hot springs Yamaga new grand hotel the first floor
Regular holiday
No fixed holiday


Beautiful French antique which we came across in south France

Bath Kant is antique used carefully in the country of France

It is totally single house of Province. Antique & bath Kant shop which is fragrant, and spreads of southern France.

David and kako of owner of wife select with full of love. Space refined from goods and accessories to linen and tableware, large furniture is southern France itself.

Sunlight to pour into white wall, olives of garden on tile of colonialism should tickle heart of camera girl. Come with kimono by all means.

French antique bath Kant shop Différence (D Phelan)

497-1, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi
Opening hours:
Regular holiday
Tuesday and Wednesday, Sunday


Multi-national general shop of miscellaneous goods and furniture with atmosphere

Only as for the thing which owner purchased directly

Statelessness miscellaneous goods are prepared around Asia including Indonesia. Stylish container select shop.

Sense to come across "trip" more while traveling including chair which repair made colorful flowerpot and Asian curtain, tin plate is here Nara.

Are a lot of items which man is pleased with interesting even if it comes by couple?

SEE SAW (seesaw)

5464-6, Kubaru, Yamaga-shi
Opening hours:
Regular holiday
Tuesday and Wednesday

Souvenir cocoon mask that handwork shines

As one one 1,100 yen pattern is different in one, find favorite♪

Cocoon mask which gains popularity by word of mouth using two New Year's festive bamboo twigs hung with cakes and talismans if kind to skin.

Production only for 4-5 per day one by one slight what is easy to fit face with solid type with characteristic for handicraft. It is pleased with souvenir of Yamaga.

Metro cafe Yamaga, Yamaga-shi 13920968-43-0874
yamanote 1375, Yamaga, Yamaga-shi (May move opening) ☎090-3323-1665 (Tomita)
Silkworm farm Kumamoto http://www.okaicofarm-kumamoto.com/