Visiting tea of paradise Yamaga of tea

Here is field just after harvest of first tea leaves on the heap of takekan.
For history of tea which beautiful water started from big climate of heat and cold difference and rich nature, clear stream of valley brought about, we visited Kahoku and area of chrysanthemum deer.

Hill processed tea

We admire taste ingredient of surprise not to yield to a blind, the skill that love weaves.

"gyabaron tea" which increased content of natural ingredient GABA by manufacturing process is hill processed tea only in here in Kyushu. In addition, popularity specializes in taste of world's first "gyabaron tea" and tea playing production and sales in three tea factories of Yamaga, and at all green tea "pole" of taste such as soup stock. For possibility of tea, we seem to be challenging new tea.

Fujimoto processed tea

Biological parent of reproduction tea of Yamaga more than time of 100 years.

We think about first Japanese tea training place that there was in Yamaga in the Meiji era and we hang time of five years and reproduce fantastic Yamaga tea. We check data about tea leaves and fermentation thoroughly and develop tea not to use pesticides for. One cup that is tasteful with flavor that is refreshing as for "the reproduction tea Earl Grey mountain" using rare natural bergamot.


Founding 1997. Defense, taste of tea which continues evolving.

By the deep steaming manufacturing method that was particular about beauty of green color taste when we poured, we pursue mellowness of taste. It is characteristic that the topography peculiar to this area where Chaoyang does not win the west positive early and heat and cold difference of the night and day seem to make delicious tea, and color of tea does not turn into 2, 3 roasting eyes either. Quench throat in "getting out water green tea" by all means at coming hot time. Restaurant "YAMANIOMAKASE adds to store, too".

Furuta processed tea

Jerusalem artichoke burdock tea which is popular for word of mouth in the whole country is taste to the people in the know.

The making of tea break that we were particular about from the making of soil. One article with healthy tea which is plentiful dietary Fiber as for the Jerusalem artichoke burdock tea which we began to sell above all from approximately five years ago of popularity. Additive, preservatives does not enter bag and is delicious even if we untie seal and can just enter miso soup and eat. Jerusalem artichoke roasted tea comes up newly now. Soft serve of roasted tea is going to come up in summer of 2019, too♪

JA Kamoto tea sale place

It is recommended to gift and normal messenger. Type-rich hideaway tea shop of tea.

We ship tea of whole Kahoku as "Kamoto famous tea". Tea leaves become gathering store from tea farmers of 38 houses of sectional meeting, and candy of tea of takekan and chrysanthemum deer and tea that it is unusual is lineup. Big tea boxes used in old days form a line and recommend social studies to large space for observing. We can have a glimpse of the history.

* father processed tea

Lineup of chrysanthemum deer tea discerning for beauty. It is recommended to gift.

* father processed tea which is particular about deep steaming from deer founding those days, and has a good reputation for strong tea. Let alone the first picked tea of this year, working including barley young leave of flavor tea and fukukembicha with collagen, the original additive-free tea manufacturing method (ancestor) is diversity. In addition to abundant home tea break, beauty product is fulfilling, too, and soap or lotion of tea are popular. "* father processed tea festival" to perform every year in Kikukamachi Main Store in the end of October (Saturday and Sunday) is holding.

Part of sato tea n ice 270 yen (collagen, barley young leave, roasted tea)/barley young leave 864 yen (80 g)/powder green tea Issa five 1,080 yen (100 g)