Playhouse which colors the former romance of Yamaga vividly


"Yachiyoza" which was built in 1910 (Meiji 43) by businessmen of Yamaga called the gentlemen. We have substantial functions such as the circumference stage or Masu seat, elevated passageway leading to the stage using rail made in Germany and convey style of Kabuki hut in the Edo era in now. We can taste space letting romance feel having been continued since Meiji including lantern to turn on reproduction of advertisement of shop of gentlemen who color ceiling vividly if we look up and large-scale brass chandelier made, faint light of.

Facility introduction

Dream small storehouse (Yachiyoza management museum)

Dream small storehouse (Yachiyoza management museum) is museum of Yachiyoza of white wall godown style. It was built in 1887 when it was older than Yachiyoza. Mainly on approximately 200 points of small tools which we used by play, kimono which Tamasaburo Bando wore on the stage, poster flyer of Yachiyoza performance, film projector used in Yachiyoza, performance record are displayed.

The Yachiyoza appearance

Yachiyoza which adopted good point of the best and Western-style construction of Japanese-style building. Approximately 33,000 pieces of tiles are used for roof of Yachiyoza. We were exchanged with new circle pantile by great repair of Heisei, but approximately 1,500 pieces of old tiles are used only for entrance front part. With drum oar in gable wall of the front, we seemed to tell downtown about letting sumo-tournament-announcing drum sound, and there being play in those days.

The Yachiyoza inside

It is wooden 2-story building conveying style (elevated passageway leading to the stage, the circumference stage, Masu seat, box seat) of Kabuki hut of the Edo era in now. We reduce the number of pillars and it becomes higher and is designed so that the whole seat goes behind so that the stage is seen even at seat behind. As ranking list of old actor displayed near entrance, richly colored ceiling advertisement image of Yachiyoza characteristic not to be seen in other playhouses on ceiling and brass big chandelier made are restored if we pass through Kidoguchi of Yachiyoza, please look around by all means♪

The visiting Hell stage approaches

There is set called the circumference stage and turns to the stage center with human power. We are used effectively to hasten cutaway in Kabuki, and the next scene is prepared for in backstage. As for rail and the wheel supporting this circumference stage, there are 8.4m in diameter, 3.2 tons in weight with thing made in croup Corporation of Germany, too.

Hell elevated passageway leading to the stage bottom, terrapin

Terrapin moves with mikoshi portable shrine-formed stand at three to seven position from the stage up and down in elevated passageway leading to the stage. We raise actor from Hell becoming mezzanine and passage under elevated passageway leading to the stage. Ninja and ghost appear by play from here. There is set called "water dropwort" of the same device on stage, too.

Dressing room

It leads to dressing room when we go up stairs behind the circumference stage. At place that actor ahead of turn paints with face powder, and dressed itself, we can still have a glimpse of state at the time. New dressing room in another place is used now.

The history of Yachiyoza

Playhouse of traditional culture development that people of Yamaga loved

<country designation important cultural property> Yachiyoza

Yachiyoza is playhouse conveying style of traditional playhouse of the Edo era of building in now in 1910. Commercial and industrial meeting of Yamaga made theater association and we raised stock of one 30 yen and built.

It is Kametaro Kimura who it is the master of shipping agency we design Yachiyoza, and to have done taskmaster, and was master of garden lantern. It was amateur to building, but study was earnest and observed Kabuki-Za and each place of Tokyo and, besides, we went over to Shanghai and took in good point of Western style method of construction.

When it is the 40, Showa generation, entertainment of general public diversifies, and Yachiyoza is left behind in passage of time. Playhouse which closure state continues, and deterioration goes ahead through. It was the elderly who knew the gorgeous time to have been anxious about Yachiyoza which was about to die most.

Old man society raises donation by "one piece of tile motion", and they restore roof tile. Youth stimulated by this exercise began various activities for revival.

We were appointed to country important cultural property afterwards in 1988.

By "Bando Tamasaburo dancing performance carried out by civic handcrafting from 1990," it is playhouse of Meiji: In space that Yachiyoza creates, the audience is charmed by splendor of the stage of Tamasaburo length to dance splendidly, and it is big fair wind to revival, and this performance will spread the name of Yachiyoza in the whole country.

Great restoration, reconstruction of Heisei begins in 1996 and is completed in 2001.