Yamaga hot springs

We appear in documents "Japanese name extract" (wamyosho) of the Heian era as hot-spring village. There is history more than 1,000 years. Abundant quantity of water and mellow, soft spring quality are characteristics of yamaga hot springs so that they are sung saying "there is no Sengen, Yamaga tub".

History of hot spring

Discovery of yamaga hot springs will lose in revolt of Hogen now approximately 800 years ago and is said to be when "wounded deer does bathing, and Chikaharu Uno (unochikaharu) who went down heals wound" in 1157 (Hogen 2) and discovered hot spring on seeing one. In addition, according to the documents, we appear in "Japanese name extract" (wamyosho) written in (934) in 934 of the Heian era as "hot water Izumigo" (yunogo) of country Yamaga county of Higo, and it is revealed that it was known to the whole country widely as hot-springs resort.

"No Sengen, Yamaga tub…Quantity of water-rich hot spring died suddenly in (1473) March in 1473 so that it was sung with ", but jushoku*meihoin (we say) of kingojoji (kongojoji) erected temple dedicated to the Physician of Souls, and long-cherished hot water revived on December 20 because we did prayer of forgetting food and sleep here. In the hot spring plaza side, temple dedicated to the Physician of Souls in the entrance side of Sakura-yu, hot spring revival Thanksgiving Day is opened every year on this day.

Temperature, spring quality, color

From 38 degrees to 44.6 degrees
Alkaline simple spring (emollient hypotonic high temperature spring) is water-clear, and dryness is unscented


It is treatment after neuralgia, chronic rheumatism, stomach and intestines disease, bone and exercise device injury, relieving fatigue, chronic muscular rheumatism, neuritis, traumatic injury


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